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The process of selling a home is simultaneously exciting and hectic. Moving tends to be an exhilarating time, especially since it usually indicates a new opportunity or phase of life. However, it is still vital to develop a comprehensive marketing and pricing strategy in order to attract qualified buyers and sell your home for a fair price. This is where the Real T Team steps in. Our knowledgeable staff helps you sell your home at your desired price to a qualified buyer by helping you develop n effective pricing and marketing strategy.

Benefits of Selling With the Real T Team

Stress-Free Process

Our agents aim to make the process of selling your home and moving into your next one as simple and stress-free as possible by developing a comprehensive plan for pricing, marketing, offers and negotiations.

Support of Expert Staff

Each one of our realtors has an average of 10 years or more experience in local residential real estate. The high level of experience and industry knowledge of Real T Team agents guarantees that you are able to have a positive experience in selling your home.

Sell for the Right Price

We know that selling your home at your desired price is a top priority. Our agents communicate honestly with clients to ensure that pricing and marketing strategies bring in qualified buyers who are prepared to pay within the client’s desired price range.

A Streamlined Experience

Scott Brown’s Real T Team is an entirely independent agency. Neither our clients nor our agents have to wade through any bureaucracy, which makes the process of selling your home simple and streamlined.

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Pricing Strategy

Our realtors are familiar with the shape shifting landscape of housing market conditions and know how to situate your home within a competitive and realistic price range. Usually, we combine client input with market knowledge to develop a reasonable price range for your home.

Marketing Your House

We help you develop a customized marketing plan in order to attract the most qualified buyers. These strategies include direct marketing, yard signs and listing positioning. Additionally, we provide guidelines on ways to make your home look more appealing to buyers in order to make a good first impression.

How Much is Your House Worth?

Use this tool to find out the approximate value of your house. This tool takes a variety of pricing factors into consideration to give you an estimate of how much your house is worth. When you meet with a realtor, he or she will be able to help you decide on what your asking price will be.