6 Home Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Home

Simple Upgrades That Will Help You Sell Your Home


Selling a home involves a lot more than just cultivating curb appeal. Many realtors will have you “stage” your home in order to attract potential buyers. In addition to staging your house, these are the top six improvements you should make to your home before listing it.


Paint and Wash Walls

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls will greatly improve the appearance of your home. Opt for a neutral color, which looks clean and makes your home appear to be larger. You should also make sure that your walls are clean and completely free of dirty handprints and Crayola marker artwork.


Clear All Clutter

Clutter gives potential buyers the impression that your home does not have enough storage space. Make sure that all cabinets and closets are organized. If necessary, move some of your things into storage so potential buyers only see the best in your house.


Repair Doors and Windows

Drafty windows and sticky door locks are unattractive to buyers, because they don’t want to have to make repairs to a home that’s brand new to them. Making these simple, affordable repairs will make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Additionally, make sure to replace any broken or bent mini-blinds, worn out drapes and curtains, or other drab or broken window coverings.


Don’t Forget the Backyard

The backyard is often forgotten when staging a home, but it’s just as important to potential buyers as the rest of your house. Remember to mow the grass, pull out weeds and keep all plants looking their best. It may also be beneficial to add a few pieces of nice outdoor furniture to your patio if you don’t already have any.


Install Small Upgrades

Remodeling your home or installing extravagant upgrades is costly and unnecessary when selling your home. However, you should install small upgrades such as light fixtures, faucets and cabinet pulls. Little touches such as these make your home look put together for potential buyers.


Get a Home Inspection

One of the most important things you can do when selling your home is getting a home inspection. This will alert you to any serious damages that need fixing before you list your home with a realtor, and it can help you decide what upgrades your home really needs and which ones aren’t necessary.


Whole home remodels and lengthy home improvements are costly and unnecessary, since small upgrades make all the difference. Making these little improvements to your house will make your home seem more attractive to buyers and can help you get the best deal out of your sale.